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Elephants Organize

Congratulations to the new KCR Executive Board and Central Committee members! We have a diverse group of opinions, ages, and good ideas brought together by a common desire to be engaged in our county and to protect families and values in our community.

L to R: David West (PCO Centerville), Matthew Langdon (State Committeeman), Shane Cagle (Vice Chairman), Grant Cheney (PCO White Salmon and Secretary), Erin Hartford (State Committeewoman), Sharon Aleckson (PCO East Lyle), Charlie Deach (PCO Lyle), Sean Ciemiewicz (PCO North Fruit Valley and Treasurer), Fran Songer (PCO Goldendale 1), Sheriff Bob Songer, Lisa Evans (PCO Husum and Chairwoman), Kathy Moco (PCO Pine Forest), Bill Morris (PCO Dallesport), Peter Leon (PCO Wishram), Auditor (elect) Heather Jobe, and Mark Jobe (PCO Aldercreek).

Press Release:

Members of the Klickitat County Republicans (KCR) braved the cold and snow to meet at the Dallesport Community Center on Saturday, December 10th for their bi-annual Organizational meeting. Recently elected Precinct Committee Officers took their seats, and candidates for the 2023-2024 Executive Board were nominated and elected. Shane Cagle, newly elected Vice Chairman, commented “It’s encouraging to see the unity our party has as Klickitat County Republicans with such diverse viewpoints on topics. We look forward to the next two years of service and into the Presidential election cycle of 2024 with optimistic expectations for our future.” Lisa Evans, re-elected Chairwoman, agrees. “It is exciting to see the growth in size and the range of views with this group. Family and community are the common focus for strengthening our county.” Matthew Langdon was re-elected as State Committeeman, and Erin Hartford joins the group as the State Committeewoman. The appointed Treasurer and Secretary are Sean Ciemiewicz and Grant Cheney respectively. Due to the predominance of Republican candidates on the ballot, the KCR hosted a “Celebrate the Red Wave” Christmas party after the meeting. Newly elected county officials were invited. Sheriff Bob Songer, Auditor Heather Jobe, and Assessor Billi Bare were in attendance for food, fellowship, and a group-effort dessert prepared while singing the “Twelve Days of Christmas.”. Sheriff Songer extends his appreciation “to the River of Life Church in Goldendale, the Business Liberty Alliance hosted by Murphy’s in Bingen, and to all the voters who supported me. I appreciate your confidence in my leadership to continue serving as your Sheriff for the next 4 years.”


As 2022 comes to an end, please consider a donation to the KCR. In the past 2 years, we have worked hard to grow the party with positive messaging, we have encouraged and supported good people to run for office, and we have budgeted and spent wisely.

The focus for the next year is our families. You will see us doing that in many ways to include a focus on protecting our children in school, and community involvement and visibility. We are grateful for every donation received; we use it to serve our county with both short term and long term impact in mind.

Thank you!

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