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Last chance to sign the Petition

The STOP THE SHUTDOWN petition will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners tomorrow, Tuesday, April 16th at the 9 am public comment. The BOCC agenda does not show any business listed for the jail, and with the cancellation of the Town Hall Tuesday night, the public comment period is the best opportunity to express our first amendment freedom.

In response to the Goldendale Sentinel's headline that "Jail vote splits county Republicans," I agree wholeheartedly; we are split 97:3 with 97 people in support of the petition to re-evaluate the jail shutdown for every 3 that are against the petition. We are always a divided party because we are a diverse party with differing opinions. We will continue to have various challenges in Klickitat County, and the KCR will continue to express our opinion in healthy and respectful formats. No voter should ever be bullied or intimidated for having a different opinion.

If you would like to sign the KCR petition, please do so before 11:59 pm, tonight, Monday April 15th.

The Goldendale Grange also has a petition, independent of the KCR petition, that can be signed in person at the Grange.

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