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Elephants Never Forget to VOTE

Tuesday, March 12th is the deadline for returning your ballots!

Please drop in a Drop Box or at the Auditor's office. Mailing your ballot with your signature and Party preference on the outside raises many concerns and leaves your personal information vulnerable. If you cannot get your ballot to a Drop Box, please contact us at, and we will arrange to have someone pick it up for you.

You can check the status of your ballot at

Concerned about having to check your Party Preference on the outside of the ballot? Are you a moderate or independent, but feel strongly about supporting a Presidential Candidate?

No problem. The Party Preference will be purged from the Secretary of State's database 60 days after certification of the election.


Don't Forget: KCR Meeting this Tuesday, March 12th 6 pm-8 pm.

Dallesport Community Center, Dallesport

Meet the Candidates!

Amanda Kitchings (I), County Commissioner District 1

Pete Serrano (R), WA State Attorney General

Jacek Kobiesa (R), CD4 US Representative


The KCR held its County Convention, the first in-person Convention since 2016. The Lions Club in Lyle was packed, the enthusiasm was high, and the diverse discussions amongst friends and neighbors was healthy. We were honored that WA State Rep. Gina Mosbrucker stopped by to give us a Legislative update from the recently ended session.

Congratulations to the Delegates and Alternates who will be representing us at the WA State Convention April 19-20 in Spokane, WA.


Luke Throop, Eric Young, Sheriff Bob Songer, Dave Barta, Tim Barta, Tyonda Charteaire, Mark Naulty, Tami Williams, Grant Cheney, Charlie Deach, Gary Englund, State Committeewoman Erin Hartford, State Committeeman Shane Cagle, and KCR Chairwoman Lisa Evans.


Tara Kitchens, Fran Songer, Adrian Bradford, Mike Isaacson, Terry Wilhelm, Judith Cyrus, Jan Mosbrucker, Sharon Aleckson, Lynn Leland, Delmer Eldred, and Ray Mosbrucker.



Straw Poll results form the Klickitat County Republican Convention:


Final Reminders:

Lincoln Day Dinner is April 13th at the Goldendale Grange.

Tickets are $50/person

Become a "500 Club" member by sponsoring a table for $500.

WE THE PEOPLE contest!

Submission deadline is March 22nd

We cannot wait to see what is on your student's heart and mind.

Submissions can be scanned or attached to an email at

We will arrange for pick up of artistic or 3 dimensional submissions that cannot be electronically submitted.

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