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Elephants in the Room: Reminders & News


If possible, return your ballot to a Drop Box or directly to the Auditor's office. Avoid mailing your ballot because your sensitive information is on the outside of the ballot, and your ballot will most likely be processed through Portland, OR. Please let us know if you need help getting your ballot to the Auditor. We are happy to help.

You MUST indicate party preference, even if you consider yourself more moderate or independent.

The Secretary of State's office is supposed to purge the party preference from their records 60 days after the Primary results are certified.

Check your ballot status:


KCR County Convention: all Elephants are welcome

Saturday, March 9th, 10am-2 pm. 
Our Precinct Delegates, Alternates, and elected officials will come together at the Lyle Lions Club in order to elect Delegates and Alternates to represent the Klickitat County grassroots voters at the State Convention in April.
In addition we will pass our Platform (guiding principles and values for the next 4 years), and we will have a hot lunch catered by Beneventi's ($10 donation to the lunch is appreciated!)

Anyone who identifies as Repbulican is welcome to join us.

Want to be a Delegate at the Washington State Republican Convention?

NO, but I want to vote for who will go to represent me.

To vote at the County Convention you must have been elected at the Precinct Caucus. We can help you find out who your PCO is so that you can let him or her know who you would like to support as a Delegate to the State Convention.

NO, but I want to vote on the Party Platform.

To vote at the County Convention you must have been elected at the Precinct Caucus. We can help you find out who your PCO is so that you can let them know what Republican values are important to you.

YES, I want to go!‍

Attend the KCR County Convention on Saturday, March 9th and have a friend or neighbor nominate you to be one of our Delegates.

Anyone can be nominated to be a State Delegate, but only the County Convention Delegates (elected at the Precinct Caucus) are allowed to vote. Details for the State Convention:

Yes, I want to go, but I cannot attend the County Convention.

You do not have to be in attendance; you can have a friend or neighbor nominate you to be a Delegate.

I do not want to be a Delegate, but I would like to attend the State Convention.

No problem! The details for the State Convention and registration information are located at this link:



ANNOUNCING OUR "WE THE PEOPLE" Essay and Creative Contest

We had such a great response to last year's contest, we are thrilled to offer it again.

You have the option to write an essay or produce creative content based on this year's theme of "We the People." What does that mean to you? How does that inspire you?

Are you tired of adults telling you what to think? This is your opportunity to let us know what is on your mind with an opportunity to win a cash award and to have your submission displayed at our Lincoln Day Dinner on April 13th.

Lincoln Day Dinner
Saturday, April 13th
Goldendale Grange
Purchase tickets online at
Dinner will be catered by Cowboy Catering
More details coming soon!


Some good news from WA State Legislature:

Press releases from the office of Representative Gina Mosbrucker:

Video updates for the Initiatives:

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