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Elephants Gather in Herds

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

January 13th, 2024

10 am

Republican Precinct Caucuses

Coffee, Doughnuts, and Community

What the heck is a Caucus anyway?

A caucus is a gathering of the grassroots voters. At the KCR Caucuses, we will be VOTING IN PERSON to find out who YOU want to be our next US President and the next Governor of WA State. The results will be carried forward to the County and State Conventions via Delegates.

We will also be updating our Klickitat County Republican Platform, a document that expresses values and priorities for the Republican-minded voters in the County.

Who can attend?

Any registered voter of the Precinct in which the Caucus is being conducted who is willing to state by signing a Registration form and a List of Participants at the Caucus that he/she considers him/herself to be a Republican and has not participated and will not participate in the 2024 Caucus or Convention system of any other Party.


The Caucuses will be held in 3 locations: Goldendale Grange, High Prairie Community Center, and the Pioneer Center in White Salmon.

You must attend at the location that is associated with your Precinct.

Here are 2 ways to find out your Precinct:

Choose “Voter Registration” in the left hand menu, and you will see your Precinct. This is also a great place to check the status of your ballot, when it was returned and if it was “Accepted.”

Look for the dropdown menu under "Map Layers”

Scroll down to “Voting Precincts”

The Legend should show up in the bottom left hand corner. If not, you can choose “Show Legend” in the "Map Layers" drop down menu.

You can type your address into the search option, and it will show your Voting Precinct.

What is a PCO?

Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) are elected officials of the Republican or Democrat party. As a PCO of the Republican Party, you are the primary conduit between voters in your neighborhood and the Republican Party. Becoming active with your local Republican organization will make you a more effective PCO and make a real difference in your precinct.

The position of PCO is the most important role in the Republican party grassroots effort.

If you are interested in finding out more on how to become a PCO, please email us at


December KCR Meeting

December 12th

6:00-6:45 pm

This will be a short meeting that will adjourn and continue at Casa El Mirador for a Christams party and to celebrate the end of the year!

Meeting attendees and family members are welcome to join us.


How concerned are you that voter fraud has impacted a previous election or will impact a future election?

  • Extremely concerned

  • Somewhat concerned

  • Not at all concerned

  • Not sure/No opinion


The WAGOP filed an Ethics complaint against the Secretary of State for policing and influencing elections by hiring a UK based AI company to monitor social media postings in the State of WA.


Your particpation in the Precinct Caucuses is VITAL!

We can only turn this around if YOU show up.

See you on January 13th.

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