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Elephant Advice: return ballots in drop box or in person

Vote in the Primary!

Drop your ballot in a Drop Box or at the Auditor's officer.

If possible, do NOT mail your ballot.

Please contact if you need someone to help you get your ballot to a drop box.

The outside of the envelope shows your preferred party and your signature; this is vulnerable information. Also, much our mail is processed in Portland, OR, so your ballot actually leaves the state before it returns to our County to be counted. Again, this leaves the ballot and your information vulnerable to be lost, stolen, or destroyed, intentionally or otherwise.

Why do I have to declare my political party preference on the outside of my ballot?

For this election only, you must declare a party preference or your vote will not be counted. Your selection will not affect how you may vote in future elections. Your party selection will be removed from your voter record 60 days after certification of the Presidential Primary.

Attempts to alter the party declaration will result in your ballot not being counted.

You may only vote for one candidate.

Why are there candidates on the ballot who have dropped out of the race?

Due to WA State law, the list of Primary candidates had to be submitted in early January. This allows for the needed time for printing and mailing of the Voter Pamphlet and the ballots.



Saturday, March 9th 10am-2pm

Doors open at 9 am

Lyle Lions Club

Delegates, Alternates, and Guests Welcome

Purpose: Elect Delegates and Alternates for the State Convention in Spokane April 19-20th, pass the Klickitat County Platform, and straw poll for State level offices.

Hot lunch catered by Beneventi's. Donation of $10/person appreciated.


Time for the Annual Essay and Creative Contest

"We the People"

Deadline: March 22nd

Winners will be displayed at the Lincoln Day Dinner on April 13th

Sample of last year's submissions

Download PDF • 71KB

Download PDF • 568KB


Rep. Corry represents LD14 in common sense spending


Looking for a good read? There are a lot of fascinating layers of history in Bill O'Reilly's latest book from his popular "Killing" series. This book gives insight into the impact and devastating consequences of mass hysteria, false accusations, and the failure to stand against something that is so obviously wrong. (Sound familiar?)

I, honestly, was not interested in this topic, but I was completely awestruck with the historical context both before and after. It was much broader than you would think. A MUST read.


Membership? Yes, please!
Membership is $25/person or $30/couple
Your donations support candidates and local events.
Join today to be inculded in the "First 100" club
Join the "500 Club" with a $500 donation. Members of the "500 Club" receive 2 tickets to our Lincoln Day Dinner on April 13th.


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