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Elephant Update: March

March Madness

Just getting March’s update in under the wire!

The Washington State Legislature will wrap up on April 25th. A big “thank you” to Representatives Gina Mosbrucker and Chris Corry and Senator Curtis King who represent our District and continue to work hard despite the overwhelming Democratic majority.

Many “bad bills” have died, but the few that have made it through have the biggest impact. The issues still of great concern are the Capital Gains tax, the legalization and possession of all drugs, the continuation of Governor Inslee’s mandates, rights for rental homeowners, education overreach into our children’s health, restrictions on Second Amendment rights, and severe restrictions and oversight on our law enforcement. **The budget will also be passed** If you have a moment, please check out this link to search for Bill information. Contact your Representatives and Senators either by email or phone. Your opinion does matter.

Kids and Politics. GREAT RESOURCES for the young Americans in your family tree. CAUTION: you may spend HOURS at these sites!




Teens and Young Adults:

  1. For the Cuteservatives and Dudeservatives, check out POPlitics Cinnamon rolls, anyone?


  3. Freedom Seeds with Isabelle Brown

Once a month, we like to publish an excerpt from the Klickitat County Republicans Platform, our values and guiding principles. This month we are featuring:


America’s national debt is now bigger than America’s Economy, with interest on that debt the fastest growing part of the federal budget. We must act now to increase our GDP and to cut government spending to insure a balanced budget.

Therefore, we support:

  1. Continuing rejection of state income tax

  2. Abolishing the state estate and inheritance taxes

  3. Simplifying the federal tax system and limiting IRS powers

  4. Requiring a balanced budget

  5. Ending unfunded mandates

Final note: I was fortunate to have an opportunity to visit relatives in the small and coastal town of Edenton, NC, for a few days. If you find yourself on the east coast, I highly recommend a visit. With a population of 5,000 people, many of the residents live in the original homes built in the 1700’s and 1800’s. The town’s most famous residents include Joseph Hewes, a signer of the Declaration of Independence; Hugh Williamson, signer of the US Constitution; and James Iredell, Justice on the first Supreme Court under President Washington. Amazing!

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