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Elephant Rumors

Ronnna McDaniels: to stay or not to stay?

I had the privilege of attending the Republican National Meeting January 30-February 2nd, serving as the proxy to our WAGOP Chairman Jim Walsh who is currently busy legislating in Olympia.

At this meeting, there were NO indications that Ronna was stepping down either publicly or privately. She met with President Trump the following Monday, and that is when the rumors started.

The latest credible information from Ronna's staff is that she will not commit to changes in her role as RNC Chair until after the South Carolina primary. As per the by-laws, the next RNC Chair will be chosen by the Presidential candidate post-November election, assuming the Republicans win the office. If we do not have a Presidential victory, the RNC Chair will be elected by the RNC members in January 2025. If Ronna should decide to step down prior to the end of her term, the RNC members will elect the new Chair. Clear as mud, right? Stay tuned. This story will continue to evolve.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, one of only 2 Republican WA State members of Congress (out of a possible 10) announced this week that she is not seeking re-election in CD05. This was a surprise to everyone! Rep. McMorris-Rodgers has served our State well for decades. We will miss her positive outlook and leadership. Although this announcement does not impact Klickitat County directly, we are losing a strong Republican voice for the state of WA in Congress. We wish her all the best!


Klickitat County Convention:

Saturday, March 9th

Location: Lyle Lions Club


The County Convention is Klickitat County's opportunity to elect Delegates to represent us at the WAGOP Convention in April. We may be a small county, but the 14 Delegates we send will have a powerful voice in determining who we support for US President, WA State Governor, and all other State offices.

The County Convention is open to the elected Precinct Delegates and Alternates and Republican grassroots voters who would like to attend. Anyone may nominate people to be Delegates to the State Convention but ONLY the elected Precinct Delegates will be able to vote.

Sound boring? NO! We will have good speakers, the latest news, discussion of our Platform (principles and values), lunch, and election of 14 Delegates and Alternates to represent Klickitat County at the State.

See you there!

For more information on the WAGOP State Convention April 19-20 in Spokane, visit this link:


Got Membership?

Membership to the KCR is only $25/person or $30/couple. Join today to stay updated on our great events.

All donations stay local and will be used to educate voters, support candidates, and engage our youth.

A $500 donation includes membership and 2 tickets to our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Lincoln Day Dinner (April 13th at the Goldendale Grange).

You can sign up online:


Regular Klickitat County Republican Central Committee meetings take place the second Tuesday of every month at 6 pm at the Dallesport Community Center.

Please join us as we discuss County and State news, host guest speakers, and encourage public comment and engage in civil discourse.
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