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Elephant Alert: Letter to the Editor

Our response to the weekly letters submitted by the Klickitat Democrats disparaging the Republican party.

In response to the attacks in the newspaper from Rick George and the Klickitat Democrats, I believe that Rick and his associates are confusing “silence” with their inability to hear us from their echo chamber.

As the newly elected Chairwoman of the Klickitat County Republicans, one of my first priorities was to contact Rick to open dialogue to set the example for civil discourse in our county; I invited him to a socially distanced coffee on Inauguration Day; I reached out to him on the day of the riots to let him know that we were sending a statement condemning the violence to the newspaper.

In return, they have attacked us in a way that impacts every citizen of Klickitat County, by publishing statements that are full of half-truths, hyperbole, manipulation of facts, and outright lies. Shame on you! We are your neighbors, your friends, your teachers, and the parents of your children’s playmates. We serve you food, care for the orchards, and stock the groceries on the shelves. We get up every day and interact with you and pass you on the street, and while you smile at our faces, you write Letters to the Editor fanning the flames of division, hate, and lies.

Let me be clear: We, the Klickitat County Republicans, are a reflection of the traditional values and policies of our great nation that lifts up ALL people, that hears ALL the residents of Klickitat County; we seek liberty, and law and order, and we expect our elections to be true. We do not stand on platitudes wreaking havoc on the masses for entertainment. We took the initiative and reached out to you; is this the example of leadership you would like to set for our county?

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