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SHB 1333: Action Required! Please share!

Every year, there are many bad Bills being introduced at the Legislature, but this one is the most OMINOUS piece of legislature I have ever read. The Governor and Attorney General are using this Bill to establish a "Domestic Violence Extremism Commission."

Link to SHB1333:

In summary, this Bill sets up a "diverse" Commission under the Attorney General "for the purpose of establishing a comprehensive public health and community-based framework for responding to domestic violent extremism." This means the Commission will define DVE, will determine who is in violation, will collect data, and will decide what "legal tools" are available.

SHB 1333 opens the door to target: concerned parents at school board meetings who speak up, anyone who questions Drag Queen Story Hour, families that attend church and are Pro-Life, individuals who defy the Governor's mandates, and any Sheriff or Law Enforcement that stands first for our Constitutional Rights. The list of violators is endless because it will be determined by a Commission, not by any legal precedence or definitions.

The Bill is also vague enough that it raise concerns. If someone is labeled a DVE by WA State, does that overlap into Federal law? If so, you may be prohibited from using public transportation, airlines, leaving the US, or maybe even prohibited from leaving the state of WA, just because you spoke up at a school board meeting and someone reported that you hurt their feelings. Are you a gun owner? Not anymore...

Before, after, or during the Super Bowl or any time on Monday BEFORE 2:30 pm, please register CON on the Bill.

Go to this link to set up an account: Once you have set up your account, you will see the Committee Sign In page. Click on the House option. In the drop down menu for Committee, you will click on APPROPRIATIONS. Under the Meetings option, you will click on 2/13, 4:00 pm. You will see the list of Agenda options. Click on SHB 1333.

There are 4 options for types of Testimony. At a minimum, please click on the option "I WOULD LIKE MY POSITION NOTED FOR THE LEGISLATIVE RECORD." There is a drop down menu for your Position, please choose CON. You will then need to fill in the rest of the form and press SUBMIT.

This will take about 15 minutes of your time, but it is VITAL that we have as many voices heard NOW or we may be forcibly silenced forever.

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Unknown member
Feb 12, 2023

Thank you, it only a minute to sign in and sign up. And I signed up for virtual and have a zoom link to join

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