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Recommendations from Representative Jim Walsh on November 2019 election ballot statewide issues


1. Referendum 88 (citizens’ review of I-1000). REJECTED Initiative 976 ($30 car tabs). YES 2. Advisory Vote 20 (payroll tax hike for “long term care services”). REPEALED 3. Advisory Vote 21 (special B&O tax rate extension for timber-related industries). MAINTAINED 4. Advisory Vote 22 (sales tax hike on certain types of paint). REPEALED 5. Advisory Vote 23 (sales/use tax hike on certain vapor products). REPEALED 6. Advisory Vote 24 (B&O tax hike on certain service industries). REPEALED 7. Advisory Vote 25 (B&O tax hike on certain financial institutions/banks). REPEALED 8. Advisory Vote 26 (sales tax hike on certain “remote sellers”). REPEALED 9. Advisory Vote 27 (MTCA/wholesale sales tax hike on petroleum products). REPEALED 10. Advisory Vote 28 (sales tax hike on retail sales to out-of-state residents). REPEALED 11. Advisory Vote 29 (Real Estate Excise Tax [REET] hike). REPEALED 12. Advisory Vote 30 (B&O tax hike on travel agents). REPEALED 13. Advisory Vote 31 (B&O tax hike on “certain international investment management services”). REPEALED 14. Senate Joint Resolution 8200 (granting emergency “powers” to the state government). REJECTED

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