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Sign Waving Starts Today in White Salmon!

3:30-5:30 pm on the sidewalk at the crest of the hill by Inside-Out Chiropractic.

Every Friday between now and the election, bring signs for your favorite candidates or make your own. Encourage people to vote and promote your vision for our county and state. You will be in good company.


Candidates are still much appreciative of donations, especially in the Sheriff's race. Supporters of Sheriff Songer's opponent are pouring money into disparaging our Sheriff with signs, videos, and websites. Please join the Rally at Murphy's in Bingen on Tuesday, October 18th to support re-electing Sheriff Songer and/or consider sending a donation now:


The KCR has endorsed Brad Klippert as a write-in candidate for Secretary of State (SOS). In the Primary, the Republicans candidates narrowly missed making the ballot. Write-in candidates are a long shot, but Brad wants to give voters a Republican choice. He is well-qualified for the job and has been endorsed by the WA State Republican Party and the majority of the County parties at the time of this writing.

The names on the ballot for SOS are Steve Hobbs (D) who is currently holding the seat, and Julie Anderson who ran as an Independent but now claims no party affiliation. What really differentiates the 2 candidates is Rank Choice Voting (RCV), a system of voting used in Alaska, that consistently shows that it diminishes voters first choice, and the winning candidate often takes the seat with about 30% of the popular vote. Steve Hobbs opposes RCV, Julie has been very open and vocal about supporting RCV. This is a great article for more information:


SHOCKING NEWS: Senator Patty Murray FINALLY agreed to a debate with Tiffany Smiley. October 25th at 7 pm

Broadcast live at 7 p.m. PST and livestreamed on KING5, KIRO TV, KOMO TV, FOX 13, KUOW, and KCTS9.


Parting thoughts: Ballots will start arriving in the mail this week. Returning them to a drop box is a faster route to the Auditor's office; mail gets them there, but they are routed through Portland. Any method for returning your ballot is great, as long as your return it.

How can you impact Klickitat County? Please reach out to 10 family members, friends, and/or neighbors, and remind them to return their ballots.

Submit letters in support of candidates to:

Goldendale Sentinel: email to (submit before Friday at noon)

Columbia Gorge News (submit any time)


Tiffany Smiley, US Senate (check out to find our more reasons to support Tiffany)

Dan Newhouse, US House of Representatives, Congressional District 4

Gina Mosbrucker and Chris Corry, WA State House, Legislative District 14

Bob Songer, Sheriff,

Lori Zoller, County Commissioner

Heather Jobe or Joanne Chambers, Auditor

Billi Jean Bare, Assessor

Greg Gallagher, Treasurer

Countdown to the election:

We are the Elephants in the Room

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