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Klickitat County Republican Meeting

The Klickitat County Republicans (KCR) are holding their monthly Central Committee meeting on Tuesday, March 9th, at 6 pm. The location is 111 Hwy 97, Dallesport. Sheriff Bob Songer will be present to discuss the legalization of drugs in our state. The floor will also be open to public comment.

This meeting is open to registered Republican voters and those who would like to join the KCR.

KCR Central Committee Meeting


Date: March 9, 2021 @ 6:00 pm

Location: Log Building, 111 Hwy 97, Dallesport, WA 98617

6:00 pm

  1. Pledge of Allegiance

  2. Invocation

  3. Roll Call/Quorum Certification-Grant

  4. Approve Agenda-PCO’s

  5. Approve February CC Meeting Minutes-PCO’s

  6. Receive and accept Treasurer’s report and expenses-Shane

6:15: Floor open to Public Officials

6:30: Elephant Update (Lisa)

6:35: Budget Committee Update (Shane)

6:45: Membership Committee

6:55: Fundraising Committee

7:05: Events Committee Update (Fran)

–Lincoln Day Dinner

7:15: Candidate Committee Update (Peter)

–Elected positions

–Volunteer county positions

–School Board

7:30: New Business

7:40: Public Comment

8:00:  Adjourn

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