Elephants Wait

Thank you to everyone who returned their ballot.

Now, we wait.

Friday is Veteran’s Day, a holiday, as it should be, however the Auditor’s office will be closed on Friday. To the credit of the Auditor’s office, they have been coming in early and staying late so please thank them. We will see an update of the results today, Thursday, November 10th, at approximately 5:30 pm, and then we will have to wait for the next update on Monday afternoon.

I would like to congratulate those who won and express my appreciation to those who ran for an office, but in the great state of WA, the election system makes that very difficult as our results trickle in. We will see the official certification of the results on November 29th, three weeks after Election Day.

This is why your vote is important. We need people in office at ALL levels, from the Governor to the Legislature to the local Auditor to make decisions that support the voting process, its integrity, its importance, and its efficiency.

Join the Klickitat County Republicans to stay updated on results, issues, and future candidates. By looking ahead, we can make change.


We are the Elephants in the Room

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