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Elephants like to File

Does watching the news make your blood boil? Does filling up your gas tank make you cringe? Is buying groceries a high stress event? Do you have an opinion on current events in our County? Then you may want to consider filing to be a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO).

Don't just join the Klickitat County Republicans, come have a seat at the table. We have 29 precincts in our county. Let's fill one of those seats with your voice.

File online:

(it works better in Chrome, it glitches in Safari).

Enter your name and birthdate, and the system will automatically pull up your voting precinct. When you go to file, look for the "Precinct" option in the drop down menu. There is no fee for filing.

You can also file in person at the Auditor's office in the County Courthouse in Goldendale.

Deadline is 4 pm this Friday.

What is a PCO? More info here:

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