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Elephants continue to wait...

With 2,218 votes left to count, these are the current victors:

Senate: Tiffany Smiley performed great in our county with 57% of the vote but was defeated in the state. Patty Murray returns.

CD4: Dan Newhouse

Secretary of State: Julie Anderson gained the most votes in our county but lost at the state level. Steve Hobbs will continue as our SOS for the next 2 years.

LD 14: Rep. Gina Mosbrucker and Rep. Chris Corry

Klickitat County Assessor: Billie Jean Bare

Auditor: Heather Jobe

County Clerk: Renae Campbell

County Commissioner, District 2: Lori Zoller

Prosecuting Attorney: Dave Quesnell

Treasurer: Greg Gallagher

Supreme Court Justice, Pos 1: Mary Yu

Supreme Court Justice, Pos 5: Barbara Madsen

Supreme Court Justice, Pos 6: G. Helen Whitener

East District Court: Rick Hansen

West District Court: Jeff Baker

Public Utility District, Pos 2: Doug Miller



The Sheriff’s race has flipped back and forth and is currently separated by 49 votes. At the current rate of ballot processing, we hope to have some confidence in the ballot count by Tuesday’s update at about 5:30 pm. If the race is still close, be prepared for a re-count. It is hard to be patient–it is unfortunate WA state has such a slow counting protocol–but we must have confidence in the results.


For those who are following Joe Kent in CD3, The Seattle Times and other national news outlets are calling the race for his opponent Maria Perez. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Joe is behind by approx. 4,000 votes, BUT there are 12,000 more ballots to count and 6,000 to be cured (ballots rejected for signature issues but can be counted with an affidavit by the voter). Joe’s voters trend as later voters; he is still very much in the race. It will be a wonderful day when the news outlets have to retract their stories.


Sadly, in the Oregon Governor’s race, the Republican Christine Drazan has conceded to her Democratic opponent Tina Kotek. The race was very close. That would have been an incredible victory for the west coast.


The next Klickitat County Republican meeting is Tuesday, November 15th 6-8 pm at the Dallesport Community Center. We will be discussing the Election results and looking forward to positive impacts we can have in the county in the next year.

We are the Elephants in the Room

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