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Elephants Celebrate the Red Wave

Celebrate the Red Wave!

Klickitat County voters did their part. Thank you.

Saturday, December 10th from noon-2pm

Dallesport Community Center

Come enjoy food and fellowship as we celebrate hard fought and well-earned victories in the election.

Sheriff Songer will be in attendance.

Price for admission: wear something red.

Donations to the KCR will be appreciated.


Prior to the celebration, the KCR will be holding their biannual Organizational meeting from 10 am - noon. A new Executive Board will be elected and the Bylaws will be passed. We welcome good Republicans to come and observe the process.


For those following the Joe Kent campaign, I spent some time on Sunday helping cure ballots. Ballots that have been set aside due to non-matching signatures, no signature, or excess markings are set aside to be “cured.” This can be done by notifying the voter that their ballot was rejected and then instructing them how to fix the problem, often as simple as an affidavit, so that their ballot can be counted.

As I drove around with a list of addresses to knock on doors, it really hit home the impact redistricting has had on our state. If Klickitat County had remained in CD03, our voting results indicate that our county would have given Joe Kent the votes he needed to automatically initiate a recount, or perhaps, even given him the victory. Gerrymandering at its finest.

At this time, there is no official word from the Kent campaign on next steps; we will send out word when we hear something definitive.


Best advice to stay focused and disciplined for Christmas shopping, especially if you have children:

Buy something they want,

Something they need,

Something to wear,

And something to read.

--Source unknown


We are the Elephants in the Room

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