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Elephant Update: October

Many people have had questions about redistricting. Once every 10 years, with the results from the census, a Board is convened consisting of 4 members from the State Legislature, 2 Republicans and 2 Democrats, one of each party from the Senate and the House. They look at the population and decide if boundaries need to be redrawn in order to accommodate changes in populations and communities of interest. We currently are in the 3rd Congressional District. All 4 members of the Board have re-drawn the maps with us moving over into the 4th Congressional District. This puts us with Yakama county and all the counties to the Canadian border.

Based on some excellent conversations with constituents, I submitted the following to the Redistricting Board and had the opportunity to make similar comments during their public outreach on Saturday.

To the Members of the Redistricting Commission:

Klickitat County would be best served remaining in CD-3 for the following reasons:

  1. National Scenic Area: The National Scenic Area was passed by Congress in 1986. This is a federal program that consists of 6 counties along the Columbia River Gorge, both from WA and OR, to protect and enhance the “scenic, cultural, natural and recreation resources and the protection and support of the Gorge economy.” Moving us from CD-3 into CD-4 separates us from those 6 counties, and divides our Congressional representation for the Columbia River Gorge Commission. A large part of our county, to include the tribal communities, is tied to and depends on the bounty of water and resources provided by the Columbia River and its tributaries.

  2. Politically diverse: Klickitat County is currently very politically diverse and competitive. We have a good balance of elected officials from both parties from our County Commissioners to our School Boards. Every election is competitive which only benefits its citizens by keeping both its candidates and voters educated and engaged.

  3. Moving Klickitat County from CD-3 into CD-4 creates a District that extends from the Columbia River all the way to the Canadian border; a complete north-to-south extension. This is a massive area that logistically does not allow for one person to understand and fully represent the diversity that an area that large covers. All voters in a District of that size would be greatly underserved.

Klickitat County is a county that borders the Columbia River Gorge. Our community is centered and thrives on the unique work and lifestyle that resource provides, therefore, we request to stay in the CD-3, to remain with Clark and Skamania counties, populations that share our interests and are best served by one Representative that understands those needs.


The next KCR meeting is Tuesday, October 12th at 6 pm at the Dallesport Community Center. Kaylee Towle will be our Guest Speaker.

At our meeting on November 9th, we will be hosting Representative Gina Mosbrucker.

Mark your calendars!


Ballots will be mailed our October 15th with an election date of November 2nd. You should have received your voter pamphlet in the mail.

My enthusiasm over some of our great candidates is slightly dampened with the number of positions that are running UNOPPOSED. Come on, Klickitat County! We have great people in this county. Every seat should be an opportunity to choose. We lose our voice if we do not have AN ELEPHANT IN EVERY ROOM. :)


Our State Committeeman Matthew Langdon does an exceptional job of maintaining our website:

We have had an excellent and enthusiastic year of donations from members and voters. THANK YOU! As we near the end of the year, please visit our website for the latest Republican information, candidates we endorse, and important updates. You can donate any time to help us reach our financial goals. Midterms are right around the corner; donations will help us support and elect candidates locally to help stop the tyranny from all levels of our government.



Once a month, we like to publish an excerpt from the Klickitat County Republicans Platform, our values and guiding principles. This month we are featuring:


We support:

1) Availability of insurance across state lines

2) Tort reform to reduce health care costs.

3) Improved medical services for all using competition as a means to lower costs.

4) Restoring and fully funding the State mental health system for extensive care needs.


Are you bringing your kids up RIGHT? Turning Point USA is a great site for seeing and hearing the voices of youth across our nation:

Senator Ted Cruz describes Turning Point USA as "the fastest-growing youth movement in America, and they have a potential to play a decisive role in shaping our country for decades to come." Their list of Shows and Contributors is fantastic and relatable. Our teens and 20-somethings are the future leadership of this nation; TP USA will give them a perspective that will, literally, shape our history.



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