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Elephant Update: May

The mission of the KCR is to support good Republicans running for office. Thank you to everyone who filed to run for a County Office the week of May 17th. Here is a link to the list:

If you know anyone on the list, please give them your support in time, money, or a good word. And don’t forget to vote!

12 Rules for Life

One of the most common questions I am asked is: “What can we do?” In the words of Jordan Peterson, author of 12 Rules for Life, “make your bed.” Oddly enough, this was a message repeated on Dan Bongino’s podcast this last week.

“Make your bed” is exactly that. Start every day with a positive and responsible action that brings order to chaos. Do that for yourself. Be responsible for your actions and set the standard for yourself and your family. And once you get that started, then look at your neighbors and community, and have an impact locally. Like the people who just filed last week to run for a local School Board or Community Council or Hospital District or Cemetery District, they understand that the biggest impact they can have is locally. This is their time and energy and effort, but these ordinary citizens are looking in the mirror and recognizing that the leadership and change they desire is staring back at them.

I highly recommend the book 12 Rules for Life. Each chapter is packed so densely with situations and questions and guidance that can send one’s mind reeling. I took a year to read the book. I would read a chapter and then need a few or several weeks to digest its contents and examine my life. As Jordan ends each chapter, he sums up each rule so tightly and profoundly, it may have you cheering from the rooftops at the realization of your own life’s journey. Or it may keep you awake at night. Either way, you will not feel that you have wasted your time.


Mask Disposal Boxes

Have you seen these around town? If you have a mask or two in your pocket, purse, or floor of your car, turn it into a donation! We will be collecting the boxes June 14th.



Once a month, we like to publish an excerpt from the Klickitat County Republicans Platform, our values and guiding principles. This month we are featuring:


We support

  1. Requiring all voters demonstrate US citizenship and state residency, prior to registering to vote in Washington State.

  2. Abolishing the top 2 primary process.

  3. Assuring the integrity of the voter rolls.

  4. Party affiliation not appearing on the outside ballot envelope.


Lincoln Day Dinner. Save the Date! Saturday, July 17th, at the Glenwood Rodeo Grounds. Doors open at 12:30. The Lincoln Day Dinner is our largest fundraiser of the year. Great food, candidate speeches, and raffle tickets. Members of the KCR get first notice when tickets go on sale. Join the KCR today!

Link to join KCR:

Our next Central Committee is Tuesday, June 8th 6-8 pm at the Dallesport Community Center across from the Dallesport Post Office. Please note the change in location.


Final thought. May your Memorial Day be spent with family, friends, and in honor of the heroes who are not with us today.

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