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This week's priorities, compliments of the Team from

Two Important Bills in the Senate and a look ahead to Friday's Emergency Powers Hearing!

For Tuesday the 25th, here are my top priority bills:

The links below will take you to the course spreadsheet and the quick links!


5969 - Tax Relief! (PRO) We need you to testify FOR this bill! There are 250 signed in against! :(

PUBLIC SAFETY! 2037 - Police officers / Use of Force (PRO) Please testify! This is supported by police departments and mayors, and opposed by the progressive left.

There are other important bills in the "Today's Hearings" Tab! Please take a few minutes to testify, and comment on these bills!

Topics include Civics Education, Energy Facility Site Evaluation, a new department for the Homeless, and speed zone cameras!

Have fun, and thanks for participating in your state government!

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