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Federal COVID-19 guidance

Please see the below guidance and resources from a variety of federal departments and agencies:

Federal Guidance (as of 3.20, 6pm ET):

  1. WH – President Donald J. Trump Is Taking Necessary Safety Measures at the Border to Prevent Further Spread of the Coronavirus (Click here)

  2. WH – President Trump Announces More Actions to Confront Global Pandemic (Click here)

  3. CDC – Caring for someone at home (Click here)

  4. CDC – Older Adults (Click here)

  5. CDC – COVID-19: What people with HIV should know (Click here)

  6. CDC – FAQs about Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Personnel (Click here)

  7. CDC – Communication Resources for Travelers (Click here)

  8. CDC – If You Are at Higher Risk (Click here)

  9. CDC – Coronavirus and Travel in the United States (Click here)

  10. CDC – Interim Guidelines for Collecting, Handling, and Testing Clinical Specimens from Persons for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Click here)

  11. CDC – Strategies for Optimizing Supply of N95 Respirators (Click here)

  12. CDC – Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of PPE (Click here)

  13. CDC – Schools, Workplaces & Community Locations (Click here)

  14. CDC – People with Asthma and COVID-19 (Click here)

  15. CDC – Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of Facemasks (Click here)

  16. CDC – Strategies for Opt (Cimizing the Supply of Eye Protection (Click here)

  17. CDC – Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of Isolation Gowns (Click here)

  18. CDC – Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations (Click here)

  19. CDC – Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers (Click here)

  20. CDC – Get Your Community- and Faith-Based Organizations Ready for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Click here)

  21. CDC – Clean & Disinfect (Click here)

  22. CDC – Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Homes and Residential Communities (Click here)

  23. CDC – Interim Guidance for Administrators of US K-12 Schools and Childcare Programs (Click here)

  24. FDA – FDA provides guidance on production of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to help boost supply, protect public health (Click here)

  25. FDA – FDA allows expanded use of devices to monitor patients’ vital signs remotely (Click here)

  26. CMS – CMS Approves Washington State’s Request for 1135 Medicaid Waivers (Click here)

  27. DHS – US-Canada Joint Initiative: Temporary Restriction of Travelers Crossing the US-Canada Land Border for Non-Essential Purposes (Click here)

  28. DHS – Joint Statement on US-Mexico Joint Initiative to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic (Click here)

  29. Treasury – Treasury and IRS Issue Guidance on Deferring Tax Payments Due to COVID-19 Outbreak (Click here)

  30. DOD – Chief of the National Guard Bureau Air Force Gen. Joseph L. Lengyel Press Briefing on COVID-19 Response (Click here)

  31. DOD – Defense Health Officials Detail COVID-19 Aid Effort (Click here)

  32. USDA – USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue Salutes the Heroes in the US Food Supply Chain (Click here)

  33. USDA – USDA Rural Development Now in Enterprise-Wide Remote Operational Status (Click here)

  34. ED – Helping Students Adversely Affected by School Closures, Secretary DeVos Announces Broad Flexibilities for States to Cancel Testing During National Emergency (Click here)

  35. ED – Delivering on President Trump’s Promise, Secretary DeVos Suspends Federal Student Loan Payments, Waives Interest During National Emergency (Click here)

  36. SBA – SBA Offers Disaster Assistance to Louisiana, Colorado, Tennessee, Kentucky, Vermont, Mississippi Small Businesses Economically Impacted by the Coronavirus

  37. EPA – Administrator Wheeler Meets with Disinfectant Manufacturers Highlighting Agency Work to Fight Coronavirus (Click here)

  38. HUD – In Case You Missed It | Secretary Carson Applauds Governor for Taking Action to Protect Homeless (Click here)

  39. DOT – PHMSA Guidance to State Partners Regarding COVID-19 (Click here)

  40. VA – VA national cemeteries to adjust operations in response to COVID-19 (Click here)

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