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Elephants Set a New Date

Precinct Caucuses have been re-scheduled to Saturday, February 3rd at 10 am. Locations based on Precinct.

As the Presidential Primary continues and the race heats up between our candidates for Governor--Dave Reichert and Semi Bird--we need to hear from you!


Single membership is $25 and $30 per couple. A donation of $500 is a VIP membership that includes two tickets to our Lincoln Day Dinner coming up in April. Go to and join TODAY!

Click the image to visit our Merch Store.


Would you like to be a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO)? We would LOVE to have you. Filing to be a PCO will occur in May. Below is the form required to fill out and return to the Auditor.

Download PDF • 22KB

We also LOVE volunteers. We are looking for people who are great with technology to join the team.

Thank you to everyone who signed the Initiatives.
We are letting the Governor of WA know what WE THE PEOPLE want in this state!

Bellevue—Washingtonians across the state are witnessing the democratic process unfold in real time with the certification of two commonsense initiatives to the Legislature that will benefit and unify all Washingtonians.

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, Secretary of State Steve Hobbs delivered official notification to the Legislature on the second initiative to the WA Legislature. I-2117 would repeal Governor Jay Inslee’s disastrous cap-and-trade tax that has inflicted a heavy financial toll on Washingtonians, especially working families and those on fixed incomes. I-2117 also threatens the legacy of Gov. Inslee as as his Climate Commitment Act now stands on shaky ground.

Similarly, last Thursday, Jan. 11, Secretary Hobbs announced to the Legislature the certification of the first initiative, I-2113 (reasonable police pursuit). For too long, police officers across the state have been handcuffed from doing their jobs. I-2113 would return the standard of police pursuits to reasonable suspicion from probable cause.

“Now that Initiative 2113 to restore reasonable police pursuits has been presented to the legislature in Olympia, I encourage the WA Speaker of the House and State Senate leadership to join us and pass I-2113 quickly,” says WAGOP Chairman Jim Walsh, who is also the author and primary sponsor of the six commonsense initiatives to fix what’s broken in Washington. “The people of Washington are demanding that Olympia act decisively to fight crime. The legislature needs to stand with the people—not against them. It needs to pass I-2113.”

Currently, WA has the lowest number of police officers per capita than any other state in the nation and DC, amid a surging violent crime rate.

“Once the House and Senate in Olympia have passed this good reform, it becomes law—not subject to a governor’s veto. Crime rates are rising all around Washington,” adds Chairman Walsh. “We need to restore our law enforcement officers’ ability to fight crime effectively. That starts with being able to chase criminals and criminal suspects. I-2113 does that.”

The signatures on the remaining four pending initiative petitions are being verified by the Office of the Secretary of State Elections Division team using a state-mandated process of examining a 3% random sample of submitted signatures, according to the SOS website.

“Certification of these first two initiatives is great news for all the people of Washington,” states Chairman Walsh. “One of these initiatives makes our neighborhoods and communities safer; the other repeals a disastrous cap-and-trade tax scheme that inflicts suffering on working people and families.”

Chairman Walsh further explains: “The Washington state constitution creates the initiative process as a tool for the people to speak about state law and public policy. That tool is working well with these initiatives. The people of Washington are speaking. Washington’s politicians need to listen and heed what the people are saying.”


Olympia Update:

The State Legislature is in Session. Senator Curtis King and Representatives Gina Mosbrucker and Chris Corry are working hard for us. If you would like to learn more or stay up to date with the new Legislation that is being proposed, this is an EXCELLENT website:

Also, Olympia heard from us last year in record numbers. This is due to many organizational efforts. To receive daily emails with information and instructions to submit your pro/con vote, please email and ask to be added to her email list.

These emails provide all the information on the latest Bills with an overview of the Bill and its potential impacts (good or bad). It is very easy to click on PRO or CON, fill in the information (name, address, and email), and click SUBMIT. Your opinion is recorded. These numbers are vital. They give the Legislators a quick overview of the popularity of the Bill. Often (but not always), the majority opinion influences the direction of the Bill. These votes DID impact the trajectory of some of the Bills proposed last session. Let's add more people to the list! Let's get louder!


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