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Rally in White Salmon this Wednesday, August 25th, 4-6 pm, on Jewett at the crest of the hill. Anyone in support of un-masking our kids, medical freedom, or opposed to our Governor and his mandates that are threatening our voters' livelihoods, please join us. If you don't have a sign, we have extras.

Please let our County Commissioners know your thoughts on the mandates forcing all government workers, health workers, and anyone associated with schools (teachers, coaches, parent volunteers) to be vaccinated or lose their jobs.

Susan Kelsey will be in front of the Goldendale Courthouse today (Monday) from 12-1 with her statement. Please join her on Monday or honk and wave as you drive by. It is a beautiful day to hold up a sign. :)

Public Comment for the Commissioners is every Tuesday 1-1:30. You have 3 minutes to speak; be respectful and thoughtful in you comments. You can show up in person, zoom, or call in (*6 to unmute yourself). This link will give you the information:


FYI This is information that we are passing on. This is not organized by KCR:

Repost from FOR THE KIDS WA:

Please sign and share everywhere you can:

UPDATE 2/2– 8/20/21

Legal teams are being assembled by AFLDS referral attorneys, Bob Snee, Klaus Snyder and Colton Boyles (they do intend to enlist the assistance of additional attorneys both within and outside of the AFLDS referral attorneys). These legal groups will guide SW WA & OR healthcare workers(teachers too) to help defeat the vaccine manate. Collectively, there are thousands of us across the SW WA and OR regions. We need everyone to sign up (see link) as potential plaintiffs to help estimate the number of people who want legal support and advice as our jobs are unjustly threatened. Even vaxxed people can be plaintiffs; more will want to avoid unending boosters.

We need to create a local non-profit organization In order to work w/ the attorney's to pursue available legal strategies so we can defeat the vaccine mandate & protect our fundamental right to bodily autonomy. This non-profit organiztion needs to be created to unite as many healthcare workers (& teachers) as possible under an umbrella organization. An executive local team and board will support this non-profit organization & is forming now as of 8/19 along w/ a website being built. This non-profit organization will raise funds by requiring members to pay a fee to join, to create an initial warchest of the goal of which is at least $100,000 initially. This will retain the legal team being assembled. Suits would be filed on behalf of the non-profit organization, and several or many individual plaintiffs could be named. Legal help like this is not free, this is not going away easily. So while the legal team is committed to us, we need to show our commitment as well. Therefore, the more who join this collective movement (sign up w/link), the less each will need to contribute, and the more powerful our voice will be.

Once the non-profit & website have been formed, whoever signed up here : will be flushed to the new non-profit organization. Our hope is the website will be created as a Q&A spot, a place to review exemptions, dontate $ etc..

This is just the first step in this War against your right to earn a living without receiving an unwanted, risky medical procedure. The legal team has indicated that they're in this for the long run, so there will likely be much more to this process. If exemptions are declined, one can drag things out or possibly stop discriminatory behavior with a Notice of liability. Litigation against employers, or the state, is inevitable at this rate. Please stand firm and force the company to make a bad move.

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